TRIK∆ vision is to create the contemporary crossover of an electronic live act with outstanding live performance, full of dance floor groove,multimedia and production design, cutting edge sound on studio and stage & great customs. TRIKA goes for creating a theatrical multimedia rounded show with focus on the audience experience, rather than just presenting music.


Dhruva Lance Trajectory - Don't Worry Productions


TRIK∆ has always been eager to get his hands dirty, and the music reflects that in exquisitely live elements, his sounds have serious teeth.

 Dhruva’s abilities as producer are outstanding. His love for human touch within electronica and dance floor is irresistible to him, thus laying both the melodic and the rhythmic cornerstone of his music throughout his 15 year production career under Don’t Worry Productions which includes the following -YOU CAN CLICK TO LISTEN- TRIK∆ Parnassus and Singles (2018/2019), Bozko (2019), Dhruvamusik Heal Gun (2008), Dhruvamusik Singles 2005-2012, Electro Curry 2010-2012Dhruvamusik atman (2004). Alternately Dhruva has produced acoustic world music productions such as Mirabai Ceiba (2008), Nina Lacroix (2017), Lavinia Negrete (2018). Dhruva Lance has worked for commercial music productions such as Sony, F1 Renault among others.

Commercial music for video production can be watched HERE.