TRIK∆ vision is to create the contemporary crossover of an electronic live act with outstanding live performance, full of dance floor groove,multimedia and production design, cutting edge sound on studio and stage & great customs. TRIKA goes for creating a theatrical multimedia rounded show with focus on the audience experience, rather than just presenting music.



T R I K ∆  (Dhruva Lance)  is unique, and has a unique marc yet incredibly versatile. 

His music offers intensity, depth, and one of a kind musicality. With a keen understanding on dance floor, and the universal laws of rock, pop, latin, acid jazz, house and techno, he rewrites the rules of music aesthetics. He is avid to throw mixed genera tricks learned from different styles into any kind of dance and alternative niches around festivals and clubs.

  His standards for sound and presentation are exacting. Both on stage and in studio, T R I K ∆ is loyal to cutting edge equipment and real-time performance—as opposed to mere DJ playback, T R I K ∆  serves as a standard bearer for a kind of electronic & alternative live performance that draws full attention of the most exigent ears. T R I K ∆  has always been eager to get his hands dirty, and the music reflects that in exquisitely integrated live guitars, live looping, live keyboards and voices. His sound have serious teeth.

His abilities as producer are outstanding. His love for human touch within electronica and dance floor is irresistible to him—thus laying both the melodic and the rhythmic cornerstones of his music today. T R I K ∆ won't dissolve with the copy mainstream of IDM or EDM. his music is immediately noticed as deep, intelligent, full on groove which stands out a musical seriousness that's rare in the world of live acts and button pushers.